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Bala lake windsurf lessons

Windsurf Lessons Bala  Lake/  North Wales -ANGLESEY



BALA is no longer a locaation option all windsurfing lessons take place in Anglesey (four mile bridge)

I am a qualified Instructor who’s been windsurfing for over 20 years with over 10 years coaching experience working locally and nationally . I live and breathe windsurfing… it’s my First Passion!

Block of 4 Hour £120   Full day  course (4 hours instruction along with added time for  lunch break etc

I’ll provide instruction and  suitable  windsurf  kit, board plus rig for the conditions.

Windsurf lesson Taster Course – will provide you with the skills and knowledge to sail compactly around a triangular course, upwind and downwind,  turning, gybing and tacking .I’ll teach you the following.

  • self rescue
  • equipment introduction
  • secure position ,sailing position
  • 180% turn (tack)
  • steering the board upwind -downwind
  • learn to sail a triangle course
  • Rigging and setting up the board
  • points of sail along with theory of wind and suitable conditions.

How many hours do I need to reach the equivalent of Level One ?

Well from experience most people can do all the above with in 2 hours.  Clients with natural balance from skiing for example normally succeed in  2 hours .  Clients that have never done a sport that involves balance on average take 4 hours  instruction.  I’ve taught hundreds of people so am talking with some experience.

My Teaching style – informative

We’ll start onland for 10-15 min to run through the basics then onto the water, where I’ll accompany you on a Sup stand up paddle board helping with coaching technique. Once I can see you’ve got an understanding, I’ll then join you on my own windusurf board. This will enable you to see what exactly I’m doing with the rig to help you master your steering . I will be close at hand throughout the lesson to assist .

Intermediate windsurfing courses- work on any of the below topics

  •  Fast tack
  •  Carve gybe & Flare gybe
  • High wind stance
  • Beach Start
  • Water Start
  • Harness ( I’l provide suitable lines)
  • Foot straps- learn the sequence and correct trim rail pressure
  • lightwind free style -ducks helitacks
  • High performance rigging set up


Beginner boards with and without dagggerboards.  Several suitable intermediate boards

  1. Beginner OSHEA  -11.2


  1. CARVE 144LT
  2.  BIC TECHNO 152LT


All the equipment is rigged and tuned to the individual clients requirements as tuning is key to a good successful session. My kit  is in great condition and checked frequently . Please contact me for any further information

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Prices- 1-1 or discount for 2-1 ask! 

Block of 4 Hour £130   Full day or split over a weedend (4 hours instruction along with added time of lunch brake etc

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