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Chester Kayak Canoe BCU EXPLORE AWARD – 2 star

Chester Cheshire EXPLORE AWARD Kayak Canoe  2 Star BCU awards Coaching lessons


2 HOUR 1-1 KAYAK OR CANOE 2 Star Explore Training £70pp BOOK NOW !

2 1/2 Hour split Kayak & Canoe 1-1 £85 BOOK NOW! Ideal when you have done at least 2 Canoe sessions 90 min canoe then the wet kayak part for the last part of the lesson .

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2 HOUR COURSE –This course develops paddling experience , technique and confidence, with using a range of equipment including open canoe and closed cockpit kayaks.The skills learnt will create an improved fluid movement in addition to learning new skills such as:-Bow Rudder,Knife Draw Stroke,

Sculling draw
Low Brace and High Brace Support Stroke,
Sculling For Support,
J Stroke
Handling solo and tandem on an open canoe. The (EXPLORE AWARD) teaches how to improve paddle strokes , capsize techniques and methods of rescue. BCU qualification is awarded on completed course which includes an extended trip. All equipment is provided on the course including kayaks, canoes and buoyancy aid


Q.How many sessions will I need to achieve the Explore (2 star) Award if I am already hold the Discover (1 star) Award ?

A. Approx 5 sessions in each craft both Kayak and Canoe , Each session being around 2 hours.