All Kit is Provided Boats Boards Paddles Buoyandy Aids and a huge range of wetsuits to fit all.

 We use  Brands such as  Kayak ,Pyranha kayaks Specific , canoes, buoyancy aids Crew Saver, paddles Maverick G10, spray  decks  Yak and wetsuits Gull and Bodyglove 3mm Full Suits.

 Kayks / Canoes
My kayaks are GP boats which are suitable for all users and sizes, the boats are user friendly design. Kayaks allow the paddler excellent opportunity to connect well to the boat, as they As all boats Kayak Sit on Tops and Kayak Specific Cockpit style are all fitted with back lumber support. Progressing through the star awards in these boats is a pleasure for the paddler. All the boats have buoyancy air bags and foot rest along with lumber back support

SEA KAYAKS +Carbo blades Sea Kayaks are 17ft P&H and quallity paddles Carbon


We offer 4 differnt size of board to best suit the Client’s ability!

Touring Cruisers, Beginners wide Touring, Race & wind Sup’s we also have the six 6 man Jumbo SUP Party Board

User Friendly boards that allow beginners through to expert paddlers to enjoy the sport to the maximum, Boards are very stable yet quick and responsive  and allow  the use of exploration  with there  ability to carry  equipment  camping for  trips etc

, Boards are very stable and track in a straight line well there single fin” Boards Length 12ft

Sup Client will be rinding on over £1000 of new kit!!!!!

SUP JUMBO GIANT BOARD  GRUP (Stand up paddle board ) takes x4 Adutls possibly 6 and upto 8 Juniors such Fun!

SUP watersports chester cheshire group fun and coaching


Kayak Paddles I use the Mavic G10 entry white water level with a lovely feel user freindly shape and light feel.

  •  Life Jackets Buoyancy Aids / Wetsuits

Buoyancy Aids are in all Sizes from Juror to adult XXL Crew Saver in Excellent Conditon all new for the season

Wetsuits Full Range Sizes, f full length 3mm G-Force

We Don’t provide shoes Footwear please bring your own along with full change of dry cloves and a towl!

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